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The inca Trail hike is moderately challenging four day, three day hiking and camping adventure. Inca Trail trek has 7 archaeological sites along the way, has a variety of flora and fauna, and the area is rich in history. The four day trek is 43 km (26.7 mile) and goes up to 4,215 m (13,828 ft) and is classified as a moderate trek. If you love the idea of trekking the classic way to Machu Picchu and don’t mind crowded trails and campgrounds, then the Inca Trail Trek is the one for you!
Over the last 10 years, this hike has become incredibly popular to the point that access to this trail is strictly limited number of people and requires a ticket to be purchased roughly 6 months in advance. It is impossible to hike this trail without a licensed guide and the daily number of hikers allowed on the trail is limited to 500. Nomad In Peru cannot guarantee availability until we have the permit in hand.

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The RAINBOW MOUNTAIN is a spectacular natural wonder boasting colorful striated mountains. Surrounded by glacial mountains.
This is the place where you able to take an experience with local people and learning our native language, quechua and visiting aheutntic communities which are nearby Rainbow Mountain.
This new wonder is located in Cusco region, Perú and very closer to Ausangate Mountain considered one of the highest mountains in the cusco region, considered an andean protector as well.
The Rainbow Mountain, Red Valley and Ausangate Mounatin is located on the southest of Cusco region at 3.5 hours away from Cusco city by car and with a 2 hours hike at 5000 m.a.s.l. or 16.000 feets, it belongs to Pitumarka and Cusipata districts which are very picturesque towns with a rich cultural inheritance since ancient times. This natural formation is originated by subsoil minerals as plumb, iron, copper, bronze, silver and others that generating oxygen adding subsoil water interaction and thaw from snowcapped mountains make these colors emerge as we know them today, it is considered a natural wonder. And next to this wonder We have the Red Valley Natural Formation and Ausangate Mountain view wich can be cover by this tour in a full day tour.

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The SACRED VALLEY TOUR explores the stunning Sacred Valley of the Incas, which was of great significance in Inca Culture.
The Sacred Valley of the Incas has a milder climate and lower elevation than Cusco and visits a succession of picturesque villages, agricultural terraces, and archaeological sites. This region is exceptionally beautiful so be ready with your camera. This tour is the classic/traditional Sacred Valley tour where you will see the main sites (Pisac, Urubamba, Chincheros, Ollantaytambo) in one very full day. In addition to the sites we visit on this tour there are other sites of interest in the Sacred Valley that can be visited separately (Maras, Moray & Salineras, Tipon, Pikillacta, & Andahuaylillas). We recommend an overnight in the Sacred Valley in order to truly appreciate and soak up the relaxed atmosphere here. This tour can also be added on to the Machu Picchu Train tour or any Trek for the complete Cusco experience!

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The half-day MARAS, MORAY & SALINERAS TOUR visits a colonial town, circular Inca terraces, and salt mines, located in the Sacred Valley of the Incas.
This tour is a lovely way to begin acclimatizing to the high altitude of Cusco and get ready for a trek if you have booked one. MARAS is a beautiful little town that maintains some of its architectural colonial charm. You can see amazing facades made of thin stone, lintels with sculptures in bas-relief and learn about textile weaving. At the MORAY ruin site, located at 3,450m/11,319ft, you can explore circular agricultural terraces with a complex system of irrigation. These terraces served as a natural green house to grow an extraordinary variety of crops at an altitude that they would typically only grow in the tropical Andes. It has also been suggested that they had a cosmological meaning. SALINERAS is a vast salt mine set in a breathtaking little valley in the Andean mountains. This tour has become quite popular recently and can be added on to any other treks or tours to have the complete Cusco experience!

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Humantay Lake & Salkantay Mountain trek

This route is a beautifully scenic two day hike to both Humantay Lake and Salkantay Lake. You first visit the remote indigenous villages of Iscuchaca and Limatambo, which are still keeping Inca traditions alive. Humantay Lake is situated at the base of the majestic glacier covered Salkantay Mountain Range. The views are absolutely breathtaking! On the second day, you hike to the highest point of the trek at 4,650m/15,367ft. From this vantage point, you will be in awe of the massive Salkantay, Humantay, and Huayanay snow-capped mountains surrounding you. Finally, you take a detour off the main trail to the panoramic and truly exquisite turquoise Salkantay Lake. On this two day adventure, you enjoy the peacefulness of nature and at the same time its exquisite beauty.

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When you hike the Short Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, you will see impressive Inca ruins, expansive mountain views, lush subtropical vegetation and extraordinary ecological varieties. The Ancient Inca Road goes through the National Park and takes you through the Sun Gate with unforgettable views of Machu Picchu! We will pass through cloud forests and finally into subtropical vegetation. People hiking the short Inca Trail Trek will have the privilege of seeing the famous Machu Picchu Citadel in the afternoon on the first day and also visiting it the next morning! This trek was designed for those with little travel time who would like to experience a part of the Historic Inca Trail and walk to the New 7 Wonder of the World: Machu Picchu!

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Salkantay Trek to Machu Picchu 4 Days

This is a more adventurous and mountainous route than the classic Inca Trail to Machu Picchu and it also takes you to a higher altitude. We will take you through incredible landscapes and several micro-climates, each with its own exotic flora and fauna. This is a unique and specially designed 4-day Salkantay Trek to Machu Picchu, with incomparable views of the snow-capped Humantay and Salkantay Mountains. Trek off the beaten path, following our unique route where you also visit two incredible crystal clear glacial lakes like the Humantay Lake. Hike through the Andes Mountains and camp at our private sites which are more remote, less crowded and off the typical path. Follow the remote foot path up to the forgotten Inca Ruins of Llactapata where you have an extraordinary view of Machu Picchu. Your last morning, you visit the 7 New Wonder of the World and UNESCO World Heritage site: Machu Picchu!

Nomad In Peru is the best choice if you want to enjoy the Salkantay trek in Peru with specialists in creating our own signature routes. Come see why our customized treks to Machu Picchu like the Salkantay trek are so much more unique than what tour operators offer.

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Salkantay Trek To Machu Picchu Via Llactapata Inca Ruins 5 DAYS

His is a unique 5 day Salkantay Trek to Machu Picchu, specially designed with unsurpassable views of the snow-capped mountains of Humantay and Salkantay, the sacred Apus of the Incas. Trek off the beaten path, following our unique trekking route where you visit two incredible turquoise glacial lakes, Humantay and Salkantay. Hike through the Andes Mountain range with its spectacular scenery and views of the colorful valley landscapes below and camp at our private campsite which is more remote, less crowded and off the beaten track. You also visit the fascinating Llactapata ruins, where you have a spectacular view of Machu Picchu, the day before you visit this New 7 Wonder of the World and UNESCO World Heritage site!

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